Information Architecture

A logical, intuitive system focused on easy access to information guarantees people can find what they need. That’s good for your site performance, rankings, and your bottom line.

The thorough process of examining your brand’s content — what you have, and what you need to complete your optimal user experience — is what sets us aside. We don’t just take your old content and Tetris-stack it into your new site. We’ll give you our best recommendations on how to deliver the right content for your goals.

Through a content audit, Google Analytics insights, SEO best practices, and our own experience, we’ll help you deliver the content your audience wants, when and where they need it on their journey.

Analyzing your content before a new build or redesign is like looking your belongings before a big move. Some items are essential, while others are dead weight that haven’t been touched in years and need to be discarded following proper procedures. And of course, there will be new essentials you’ll need to settle in when you get where you’re going.

Visitors to your site should instinctively know where things are, and how to complete the tasks they’re there to do — with minimal effort.

Good information architecture clearly defines where your content lives, exploring not only the location, but also how each element of the site supports overall user needs and project goals. It’s the Dewey Decimal System of your website, ensuring there’s a logical place for everything and that all of your content lives in its own logical place.

Information architecture in action

Deliverables and processes related to your information architecture are the content strategy and UX handoff documentation, sitemap, prototype, and content gathering tool and process (we use GatherContent).