How to Generate B2B Leads with Instagram Marketing

Instagram拥有超过10亿用户, 90% of whom follow at least one business on the platform – and 70% of them use the platform for product discovery. Obviously Instagram has awesome sales potential for B2C companies of all sizes and niches. 但Instagram对B2B来说很棒吗? Believe it or not, Instagram is a great way to drive B2B leads.

根据最新的报告 社会化媒体营销状态, the number of B2B marketers who use Instagram for business promotion has grown from 66% to 71% in one year, and 64% of these marketers plan to increase Instagram organic activities.

在这篇文章中, you will find reasons to use Instagram marketing for B2B leads – and seven ways to do it on the platform.

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这几乎是不可能的 改善B2B电子商务销售 没有产生新的线索. Here are three great ways Instagram can help:

  • Your B2B buyers who use Instagram for product discovery. 现代B2B买家是千禧一代和 45% of them are 25-34 years olds, which means they’re more likely to be on Instagram. 为什么? 这是说, 35% of the global audience is aged between 25 and 34 years. 自 Instagram has one billion users, you can reach a solid  in-app audience of potential buyers.
  • Instagram has business-specific features. 自 2500万家公司 and 2 million advertisers use Instagram for business promotion, the platform rolls out business-specific features to help all businesses achieve results. From product tags to swipe-up Instagram Stories links and business profiles, there are many ways to share more about your B2B business in a creative way.
  • It helps to use non-traditional ways for generating B2B leads. 尽管它的受欢迎程度, Instagram isn’t the most popular marketing option for B2B companies to promote their services and products. 如果你开始使用 Instagram的B2B,你就会领先于竞争对手.

底线? Instagram can be a perfect place to generate B2B leads if you know how to do it the right way.

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7 ways to generate B2B leads with Instagram

1. 充分利用你的Instagram生物链接

Did you know that 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily? That means they are interested in discovering companies. If you want to hook your Instagram visitors, your bio is a clickable business card that helps people learn more about your company without wasting any time.

产生B2B的领导, you can add a lead generation landing page as a bio link, 就像HubSpot学院做的那样:

screenshot of the Instagram Bio link for Hubspot Academy

当点击链接时, users are taken to a custom landing page with a variety of marketing course options. One of them is social media strategy certification course:

screenshot of the Hubspot Landing page from their Instagram bio link

如果你手边有 数字下载 喜欢电子书, 在线课程, 或教程, you can use them as lead magnets that give your followers a solid reason to share their information.

2. 添加各种韦德游戏平台人选项

If a potential B2B buyer has discovered your product, service, or SaaS软件 在Instagram上,太棒了. However, you need to make it easy for your visitors to contact you directly. 为什么? When it comes to making B2B buying decisions, multiple individuals are usually involved in the process which means it can take time.

Adding various contact options like directions, 电话号码, and email address helps your followers to choose their best way to contact you and discuss prices or collaboration opportunities.

screenshots showing the contact methods on the SPDload Instagram page

B2B buying decisions are often more expensive and thus difficult to make, so it’s no wonder that your potential customers want to ask questions about your product or service. 当您提供韦德游戏平台人选项时, Instagrammers get a means to contact you directly and you have an opportunity to generate B2B leads.

3. 告诉追随者关于你的B2B业务

Once you grab the attention of your target audience you need to prove your followers that your product can help their businesses get to the next level. The easiest way to do it is to tell followers about your B2B business.

It doesn’t matter which way you share information about your business on Instagram. You might plan to write posts about product benefits, or share explainer/tutorials videos. What’s most important is that your followers get engaged and interested.

NapoleonCat uses the power of long-form video content, and creates a video to introduce its new feature. Not only does this video take viewers through the basics of their 社交媒体 inbox feature, but it also shares the company story and the benefits of using their tool.

screenshot showing a long video post by NapoleonCat that helps drive b2b leads

Although the above-mentioned post is handy, it got only 82 views. 为什么? Chances are that it hasn’t been discovered by the target audience. 获得赞很重要, 评论, and shares that serve as a signal for Instagram’s algorithm to rank your content higher on the feed.

4. Build Authentic Relationships with Followers

Here comes the truth: B2B buyers are just like everyone else on social media, seeking authenticity. If you want to gain more B2B leads, you need to build authentic relationships with followers.

Taking users behind the scenes is one of the best ways to put a human face on your company, 并建立这种韦德游戏平台. Small B2B companies will agree that ideating content can be daunting, because they don’t have the budget for high-quality videos. But there’s no need for the polished gloss of a billion-dollar brand; people want to interact with companies that share their values.

For instance, Twilio shares photos of its employees and tells followers about company’s plans:

screenshot showing a team photo posted by the company Twilio

Another great way to build authentic relationships is to share more about your clients. Publishing success stories helps to provide social proof, which will help you 卖Instagram. Keap publishes short Instagram video posts featuring its happy customers:

screenshot showing a customer testimonial video on Instagram

Authentic relationships are not limited to the content type you publish on Instagram. It’s also important to take part in discussions, and to like and reply to 评论. 活动越多越好. B2B buyers are real people who want to feel valued and heard.

5. 与品牌大使合作

Word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the best ways to generate B2B leads. When companies share positive reviews, other B2B buyers are more likely to consider your business. The popularity of Instagram influencer marketing helps to speed up the process and spread the word about your company in a positive light.

Finding influencers can seem intimidating, but you can pair with brand ambassadors who can endorse and promote your company. Intel promotes its Asus laptops with Bricia Lopez, a niche influencer who is trusted by many businesses.

screenshot of an influencer post by Intel

To find the perfect brand ambassador for your business, you can check their websites or 企业名录 to find contact information for authoritative and relevant businesses (and their employees). Then you can offer co-branding promotional collaboration.

For smaller businesses, you can also reach out to micro-influencers – people with a niche Instagram following that’s under 100,000, but with tons of engagement on every post. Micro-influencers have an audience that’s highly likely to trust their buying advice.

6. 使用Instagram的故事

Instagram Stories are extremely popular among users: 500 million people create or watch Stories, and businesses create ⅓ of the most-viewed Instagram Stories. 为B2B公司, this is a great opportunity to reach your target audience and achieve your business goals.

产生更多的B2B客户, you can use Instagram Stories features like a swipe-up link that takes your interested viewers to a landing page. +, you can save important Stories to Highlights that appear right below your bio, which helps both followers and new visitors discover relevant content quickly.

TailwindApp uses Instagram Stories often to showcase its products and educate potential buyers:

screenshot showing the Stories highlights on the Tailwind Instagram page

7. 运行Instagram引领一代广告

你想快速产生B2B的潜在客户吗? Plan and execute Instagram lead generation ads! This type of ad helps you reach your target audience and collect valuable information from them, 所有应用程序. Whether you want to get their 电话号码s or build your email list, Instagram lead generation ads can collect valuable information from your potential leads.

看看 网络如何.Com ran lead广告 that took interested users to its product page, where they could leave their contact information.


The lead generation campaign got a 24% lower cost per click and a 39% higher click-through rate, compared to their ads running during the previous 48-day period.

在过去的几年里, Instagram has become a powerful marketing tool for B2B companies that want to promote their products and generate B2B leads. Now that you know how to gain B2B leads with Instagram marketing, you can save time by implementing these techniques in your marketing strategy.



Val Razo is a freelance SMM consultant with over 6 years of social media marketing experience. 目前, Val finds Instagram to be a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes and niches, so she’s also happy to write for top-notch blogs and share her Instagram tips. To read more articles from Val, follow her on 推特.