E Cigarette Information You Should Know

Important facts to learn about e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are constantly being branded as the cigarettes of the new age. This is mainly because they are said to be safer and also cheaper. However, there are also concerns that they will completely dampen all the efforts that have been put to do away with any form of smoking.

When the e-cigarettes first came into the US market, they were seen as a major threat to the already established tobacco industry as we can see in any electronic cigarette review. They seemed to be socially acceptable and were said to be a lot less dangerous compared to the tobacco cigarettes that contained tar. E-cigarettes are powered by batteries and change liquid nicotine into vapor that does not contain a lot of harmful elements like tar. Of course, the same cannot be said of the smoke produced by tobacco cigarettes. Most finance analysts strongly believed that e-cigarettes were not destined to oust tobacco cigarettes just because of their purported harmless nature. According to them, the fact that these e-cigarettes were cheaper and attracted lesser taxes compared to the traditional cigarettes was to be the main reason why they were a threat to tobacco cigarettes. These sentiments seemed to be supported by financial statistics in that by 2013, e-cigarettes were expected to hit USD 2 billion sales mark. This would be triple the sales figure recorded in year 2012.According to Mr. Herzog who is a renowned tobacco analyst, the tobacco cigarettes still command a huge market share but there is expected to be a reversal of fortunes in 10 years time.

The die hard antismoking advocates as well as public health officers who work forth CDC (centre for disease control and prevention) agree to the fact that e-cigarettes contain lesser toxins compared to traditional cigarettes. However, they are quick to point out that there is no guarantee of e-cigarettes being cancer free. On their part, the e-cigarette advocates led by Eric Criss (e-cigar industry president) will only go as far as stating that e cigarettes are “less harmful” compared to tobacco cigarettes and no more than that. Nonetheless Eric Criss also made it clear that it is not his wish that the non smokers start using e-cigarettes.

When e-cigarettes were first developed in the republic of China, the developers had smoking cessation as one of the objectives of their product. While there are many who believe that e-cigarettes can indeed help some one to quit smoking, there are those who think otherwise and claim that this is just promotional talk. Irrespective of the varying opinions out there, one sure thing is that the FDA has not approved electronic cigarettes as products that can be used to help people in their quest to quit tobacco smoking. This is despite the results of a conducted survey which showed that 3% of people who used to smoke tobacco quit courtesy of e-cigarette help. The biggest concern with most health experts is that trying to use e-cigarette as a device to quit tobacco smoking will just introduce them to e-smoking rather than quit any for m of smoking altogether. Worse still, they may end up using both e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes which would of course be double tragedy.

The e-cigarette makers are constantly advertising their product in their quest to further boost the sales figure. This has not sat well with most health practitioners and there have been tough campaigns to stop e-cigarettes from being advertised. Banning e-cigarettes from being advertised on televisions will level the promotional playing field between tobacco and e-cigarettes because traditional cigarette advertising has already been banned. The e-cigarette makers are sensing that it’s just a matter of time before they are also banned from advertising their products on television. They are therefore investing heavily in advertising campaigns while they can and get as many people to use their products before the curtain falls to end their advertising spree.

The electronic cigarettes advocates said that they are ready to embrace regulations on their product as long as they are not kept in the same league as tobacco makers. They do accept the fact that their product will have to go a series of numerous trials by various health bodies before it can be regarded as completely safe. However, they also firmly believe that the few tests that have been done have proved that e-cigarettes are not as dangerous as the traditional cigarettes. For that reason, tough regulations should not be imposed on e-cigarettes as is the case with tobacco cigarettes.

Budgeting At A Municipal Level

Budgeting on the municipality level

Municipal budget refers to  the financial plan put in place in order to responsibly allocate income earned by the municipalities (checkout the available multi family construction financing companies), so as to fully cater  to the expenses that the municipality normally has to take care of.

Some of the expenditures tht require municipal finance are:

  • The payment of wages and salaries to employees.
  • Payment of financial benefits to the municipl employees.
  • The payment of expenses that the municipality has covered.
  • Housing for the government offices and housing  within the municipality.
  • The construction of  public schools that the local government provides for the local residents. Not that we do have school construction loans available.
  • The funding of the social agencies within the municipalities for the residents to enjoy.
  • The provision of public parks , pubic libraries,  swimming pools for recreation and other areas to be used by the pubic such as common halls and stadiums.



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Having a continuous cash flow in your business will give security to your business and this is why it is important to have access to business loans at the start of the business to help you lay a foundation. In most cases lenders are hesitant to give loans to business owners with financial problems since they may look at him as an irresponsible individual and he might not have collateral that is required by the lenders.

For this reason, the businessman will opt for the cash advances which do not demand a lot of requirements. The first advantage is that they only need to know your history in terms of credit, the level of your business and the potentials that you have to repay the loan. Another advantage is that it takes short time for the lenders to approve your loan which can be accessed through a financial facility or even online.